La tradizione filosofica dall’antico al moderno

History of Philosophy from the Ancient to the Modern Age


Autore / Author: Fabrizio Amerini

Affiliazione / Author affiliation: Università degli Studi di Parma

Titolo / Title: Fede, ragione e il principio di non-contraddizione in Pier Damiani

Abstract: In literature Peter Damian has been often presented as an anti-dialectic thinker. Over time this statement has been subjected to careful historiographical revision. Today it is commonly accepted that the distinction between dialectic and anti-dialectic thinkers only partially describes the state of philosophy in the eleventh century. In fact, the relation between faith and reason is complex in Damian. The purpose of this paper is to reconsider this relation in the light of the significance Damian attributes to the notion of contradiction. Reason must respect the principle of non-contradiction not only when it describes the natural world, but also when it explores the dimension of the mysteries of faith.

Keywords: Peter Damian; faith; reason; principle of non-contradiction; dialectic.

English title: Faith, Reason and the Principle of Non-Contradiction in Peter Damian

DOI: 10.14640/NoctuaVIII1

Anno / Volume: VIII

Fascicolo / Issue: 1-2

Pagine / Pages: 1-46

Pubblicazione / Publication date: 01/12/2021


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