La tradizione filosofica dall’antico al moderno

History of Philosophy from the Ancient to the Modern Age


Autore / Author: Fabrizio Amerini

Affiliazione / Author affiliation: Università degli Studi di Parma

Titolo / Title: Guglielmo di Ockham e la filosofia come insegnamento del vero

Abstract: Truth is a key notion in Ockham’s philosophical reductionist program, a notion that has been the object of contrasting interpretations in scholarship. My interpretation is that, for Ockham, ‘being true’ expresses an epistemological relation, namely the one through which our mind reflects on a proposition of language, compares it with an extra-mental state of affairs, and thus ascertains their correspondence. Placing truth at a point of intersection of language with mind and reality, Ockham’s interpretation of Aristotle’s characterization of philosophy as the science of truth comes to be innovative. For Ockham, philosophy is a meticulous training of interpretation of language in order to account correctly for the truth-value of propositions.

Keywords: William of Ockham; philosophy; logic; truth.

English title: William of Ockham on Philosophy as Teaching of Truth

DOI: 10.14640/NoctuaX1

Anno / Volume: X

Fascicolo / Issue: 1

Pagine / Pages: 1-45

Pubblicazione / Publication date: 15/01/2023


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