La tradizione filosofica dall’antico al moderno

History of Philosophy from the Ancient to the Modern Age


Autore / Author: Giulia Belgioioso

Affiliazione / Author affiliation: Università del Salento

Titolo / Title: La Revue de métaphysique et de morale: l’orgoglio cartesiano negli ‘anni eroici’ (1893-1937)

Abstract: In 1893, three young men in their early twenties, Xavier Léon, Élie Halévy and Léon Brunschvicg, founded the Revue de métaphysique et de morale. This article explores the motives of this endeavour, and how they made the journal the centre of three great scientific enterprises: in 1894 they promoted the edition of Descartes’s Œuvres completes; in 1900, they organized the first international congress of philosophy in Paris; in 1901, they founded the Societé française de philosophie.

Keywords: Xavier Léon; Élie Halévy; Léon Brunschvicg; Revue de métaphysique et de morale; René Descartes.

English title: The Revue de métaphysique et de morale: Cartesian Pride in the ‘Heroic Years’ (1893–1937)

DOI: 10.14640/NoctuaX5

Anno / Volume: X

Fascicolo / Issue: 2-3

Pagine / Pages: 166-195

Pubblicazione / Publication date: 15/04/2023


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ISSN 2284-1180