La tradizione filosofica dall’antico al moderno

History of Philosophy from the Ancient to the Modern Age

Numeri pubblicati / Published issues

2022, volume IX/3: Logic and Modalities in the Late Middle Ages. The Tradition of the Oxford Calculators

2022, volume IX/2

2022, volume IX/1

2021, volume VIII/1-2: Pier Damiani. Nuove prospettive sul suo pensiero

2020, volume VII/2

2020, volume VII/1

2019, volume VI/1-2: Ricordando Maurizio. Alcuni amici per Maurizio Torrini

2018, volume V/2

2018, volume V/1

2017, volume IV/1-2: Philosophy and Mathematics at the Turn of the 18th Century: New Perspectives – Philosophie et mathématiques au tournant du XVIIIe siècle: perspectives nouvelles

2016, volume III/2

2016, volume III/1

2015, volume II/1-2: Dal commentario al manuale: l’insegnamento della filosofia in età moderna

2014, volume I/2

2014, volume I/1

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